At Am-Studio we believe that presentation is key when it comes to Web Design. We always strive to ensure that our clients are never dissatisfied with the end product, using our knowledge to build original, user friendly, attractive, smart designs that are easy to navigate and engaging for a great user experience using (HCI) Human Computer Interaction techniques.

The process is simple. Am-Studio will work with you through the following steps to ensure that the end result is something that you are happy with:

1. Research & clarify the end goal in mind

2. Put together a Strategy & Map the Site

3. Sketches & Wire Framing

4. Aesthetics & Artistic Layers

5. Designing Masterpieces

Am-Studio will always tailor-make each website to the industry and your demands, and follow through a well defined process of research and development to ensure accuracy and attention to detail. Am-Studio gets familiar with the target market and competitors to ensure the best possible Website Design is delivered in the end product.

At Am-Studio we prefer to use Web 2.0 design concepts, this enables us to establish clean styles and minimal layouts that we are known for whilst creating creative websites in terms of (HCI) Human Computer Interaction.


At Am-Studio we like to achieve clean, bold designs. We use the latest technology in web standards available to create cross-browser and multi-platform compatible websites (Windows PC, Mac, Smartphones…etc) using HTML, CSS, XHTML, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript web technology.

Our Team is trained to the highest standard to use the latest of these technologies in front-end development for our clients. We aim to develop accurate layouts compatible with current desktop browsers and mobile devices.


If you are thinking of developing your site or creating a new one and just haven’t managed to get around to your plan of action yet, then Am-Studio is here to help. Just getting some professional advice and guidance from experts can point you in the right direction. With extensive experience and knowledge in web design and development, Am-Studio can offer consultancy based on case studies and plans that can keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Am Studio are happy to help in the growth of your company!


Social networking or social community is all about linking with people. In the case of company, social networking can bring company employees together by helping them to keep on linked with each other all the way through online web directories, blogs, chats, forums, calendars and more.

Social networking/community website can be valuable to small or big businesses and take apparently simple tools “for entertaining” and building them work for company and drive profits and generate traffic to your website and ranking.


To be creative means striking the balance between form and function, and projecting the right visible voice, clearly speaking across today’s multiple online and offline channels and platforms.

Companies need to update as the marketplace changes and the consumer landscape evolves. Provoke works closely with our clients to deliver the desired reach to target market prospects and nurturing broad audience advocates.

Brand Identity
Positioning your company to where you need to be seen today demands a tangible presence, performing across meaningful, key niche environments, offline and online, to optimal, compelling effect.
Conveying your message in the right way to the right person runs company colours and logo up a memorable mast to flag a persuasive response.

Physical print and digital data stand together as twin pillars in today’s effective presentation and historical reporting formats. Cohesive consistency of layout and streamlined clarity of delivery underlines integrity of company approach to future clients, company stakeholders and prospective audiences.

Today’s offline, physical print environment of company brochures and stationery, hard copy handouts and magazine display resonates with impressive, enduring value and gravitas – a perfect complement to linking in with promoting website presence and social reach.

– On-line & Off-line advertising
– Flyer
– Magazine design
– Packaging & labelling design
– Banner design & online advertising
-Letterhead, compliment slip & business card design

Marketing Strategies
Identifying and successfully creating the right marketing strategies to reach an increasingly complex and segmented audience demands a multi disciplinary approach to deal effectively with today’s fast evolving communication platforms and channels, as well as grabbing as much as you can from your audience.


customise your own t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing items to create your very own fashion line! Whether you want a t-shirt for a present or polo shirts for a tour, we can help with it’s design.

Create a top, shirt or hoodie that’s on trend but also unique to you.

Cool t-shirts, hoodies and tops – designs to get you noticed.

Our designs create the perfect t-shirt for a night out, band, business or whatever you can think of. T shirts are the most popular clothing item and are bound to get you noticed. Make your tshirt as cute, cheeky, friendly, stylish, to brand or flirty as you like!


Am-Studio can also help with managing your websites subscribers and running email marketing campaigns to communicate with your clients. This is a great way to add value to your company and get your brand out there.

Am-Studio can provide a web application to do this. This application allows companies and website owners to create and send out email marketing campaigns. You can manage and organise your campaigns and subscribers using this application.

The key features of  the Application:

1. Sending text email campaigns (Shot emails)
2. Sending customized HTML emails
3. Installation and account setup
4. Send Monthly Newsletters via RSS
5. Design and Implement campaigns
6. Social Networking integration
7. Sending emails to a large number of subscribers without server limitations.
8. See how many subscribers have received & opened your emails.
9. Interactive map showing who is opening/clicking your email on the spot.
10. Managing unsubscribers and knowing who marks your emails as spam


To obtain and maintain high rankings in the search engines that consistently return results month by month can take months of hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you different. The longer you leave starting your SEO campaign the bigger the gap grows between you and the market leaders.

Am-Studio can take control of your online SEO campaign, relieving yourself from the area we specialise in means you can concentrate on the services you provide and customer satisfaction.

Our clients benefit month by month from page one positions in the major search engines. By only using ethical SEO methods this insures your site becomes an established website that increases your online visibility, traffic growth and better return on investment.

Being on page one of major search engines provides targeted traffic resulting in:-

1. More daily website visitors
2. Appearing next to established known brands
3. Gain additional listings
4. Increase free traffic rather than pay per click Ads
5. All year round business growth
6. Word of mouth growth
7. Repeat Business

The internet is still young and with more businesses going online and battling for first page placements pay per click advertising is becoming more expensive.

Once first page placement is achieved through SEO the cost to maintain these rankings is a fraction of the cost of a pay per click campaign.